Toscana 2022 hollywood movies review

Toscana, a romantic drama film is the latest addition to Netflix, released on 18 May 2022. The film is directed by Mehdi Avaz and stars Anders Matthesen as Theo (Anders is a famous Danish stand-up comedian & actor), Cristiana Dell’Anna as Sophia and Andrea Bosca as Pino. The film follows the story of a chef – Theo, who goes back to his childhood home to sell it but surprisingly discovers that there’s more to life and to love.

Toscana is the story of a famous chef who lives in Denmark, his name is Theo Dahl. Although he is famous, his restaurant is in need of funding to keep running and needs to ace the investor dinner meeting. However, just before the dinner, he learns that his estranged father, whom he hasn’t seen since childhood, is dead and has left him his property called Ristonchi in Tuscany, Italy.

Unfortunately, the investor meeting doesn’t go well and that compels Theo to visit his childhood home and maybe sell it to get some funds for his restaurant. Reminiscing the old memories and being present in the place that was once his home, makes him feel a lot of emotions and feelings that he had repressed. He meets Sophia, who was close with his father and now runs the place after his death.

With Sophia, Theo learns to open his heart and let go of the obsession with precision and perfection. He starts to appreciate the little joys of life that were missing in his life in Denmark and feelings blossom in his heart for Sophia. But she is getting married to Pino in a few days and when she learns that Theo is selling the property, it creates a conflict between them.

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