Trolls World Tour 2020 3D Movie review

Cooper embarks on a quest to find trolls like himself, but a spaceship beams him up. He learns he is a lost prince of the Funk trolls, raised by the Pop tribe. En route to Volcano Rock City, the trio wind up in the ruins of Symphonyville, the Classical Trolls city, where a sentient flute named Pennywhistle fills them in on Barb’s true motives. Determined to stop Barb’s plans, Poppy leads the group to Lonesome Flats, the home of the Country trolls, in order to unite the tribes against Barb. After hearing how downbeat their music is, they try to cheer them up, but are imprisoned after unintentionally offending them with a pop medley. Hickory, a smooth-talking Country troll, comes to their rescue and builds them a raft to take them to Volcano Rock City. On the way, they encounter Chaz, a Smooth Jazz troll bounty hunter sent by Barb to capture Poppy. Hickory blocks out the paralyzing smoothness of Chaz’s music long enough to chase him off. Despite this, Biggie, fed up with the danger Poppy unintentionally led them to, lashes out at her for breaking her pinkie promise and leaves.


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