True Story 2021 movie reviews


It’s hard to shake the feeling that “True Story,” Kevin Hart’s seven-episode Netflix dramatic mini-series, exists because of what happened to the stand-up comedian around the 2019 Oscars. If you remember, he was announced as the host of the event but then forced to step down after some homophobic tweets and stand-up bits surfaced.

Three years later, Netflix has launched a series about a fictional version of Hart who makes some much bigger mistakes than the real one, of course, but the show lands in a tone-deaf place about cancel culture and how we never really know what’s going on behind the scenes in a celebrity’s life.

It almost feels like “If you thought my tweets were bad …” Worse than the funhouse mirror reflection of reality is the fact that this drama doesn’t have enough meat on its bones for seven (eight, really, since the first episode is double-length) chapters of television, and the story it does tell never once feels, well, “true.”

The typically likable Hart attempts a change of pace here as the Kid, a Philly-raised stand-up (like Hart) who returns to his hometown for a show and reunites with his troublesome brother Carlton (Wesley Snipes, so consistently the most interesting thing about this show that he almost makes it worth watching on his own). Carlton and Kid have had conflicts in the past (again, like Hart and his real brother) but seem to be getting along now, even if the older brother demands he have a “V.V.I.P. Room” backstage. That’s where the trouble starts as Carlton pushes Kid off the sobriety wagon, and the celebrity wakes up next to the body of a dead woman after a night of partying.

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