Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying 1999 hollywood movie reviews


A group of people celebrate overcoming their fear of flying by taking a flight together. They board a TransContinental Airlines Boeing 747-200, TransCon Flight 110, circling around Seattle–Tacoma International Airport. While the aircraft is cruising, a Polish terrorist hijacks the flight. He says that there is a chemical weapon filled with toxins in the cargo bay and shows the detonator. The Polish hijacker goes to the cockpit and explains the plot to the captain and demands that he land at Seattle or a nearby airport. The captain says he can’t land at Seattle due to bad weather and asks the hijacker to wait until the weather improves or use the bomb now. After getting into a scuffle, a British passenger Elliot—claiming to be an MI6 agent—and an FBI officer tie the Pole down. An aerospace engineer, Martin Messerman, notices that Elliot had placed the detonator in his pocket. When asked to hand it over, he kills the Pole and the FBI agent. Elliot says to the captain that he’s in charge now. After knocking the captain unconscious, he takes control of the plane and the passengers hostage. Martin attempts to warn about the hijack from an airphone but Elliot turns them all off, along with incapacitating Elliot’s assistant.

Martin, with the help of another passenger Jessica, goes down to the cargo bay and notifies a fellow Seattle air traffic controller Robert Sikes of the hijack via a VOR system which Elliot doesn’t notice initially. He is notified that the aircraft will be shot down if it flies over a populated area and must drop the toxin over water within seven minutes. He is told that the toxin is in cargo box A45114 but only hears “A45…” before Elliot switches off the VOR. Martin deploys the spoilers to slow the 747 to make it descend to 10,000 ft (3,000 m) to open the cargo door without causing decompression and to get a signal for his cellphone. After reaching his intended altitude and acquiring a signal, he retracts the spoilers and opens the cargo door. He finds the toxin in cargo box A45114. Elliot comes down and tries to shoot at the duo, expending all of his ammunition in the process. The ground controllers order the aircraft shot down by a missile from the USS Bremerton. Elliot activates the detonator to blow up the toxin but Martin and Jessica manage to drop the toxin out the plane before it detonates over water. They notify Seattle that the toxin has been dropped and the missile from the Bremerton is redirected and aborted.

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