Unknown Caller 2014 hollywood movies review


Colin Miller, a wealthy, not-so-nice lobbyist is trapped in his own house when his new security system is turned against him. No one can leave the house or make outbound calls, or a bomb will be detonated, destroying the house and everyone inside. Colin’s only hope is to discover his nemesis’ identity through a series of clues he’s been given by the Caller … and the clock is ticking.

Colin Miller is a successful lobbyist whose latest win is getting legislation passed that allows “fracking” in Corvallis, Oregon. As he drives his Ferrari up to his mansion, the installation of his new state-of-the-art security system has just been completed. He immediately begins to play with the new system, but it locks up when he tries to disarm it. Colin’s ex-wife, Jill, then drops off their daughter, Samantha, for the night, and rides off with her boyfriend, Aasim (Assaf Cohen).

Soon, Colin receives a call from someone his cell phone identifies only as “Unknown Caller.” The Caller informs Colin that he has planted a bomb in the basement of the house. Furthermore, he has taken over Colin’s new security system and programmed it so that sensors will trigger the detonation of the bomb if anyone tries to leave the house or make any type of outbound call. And isn’t it just too bad that Samantha is now in the house and is included in the lockdown. The Caller informs Colin that the only way he can save their lives is to discover the Caller’s identity, what he wants, and why. Over the next day, the Caller gives Colin four clues that will aid him in solving the “who-what-why” riddle the Caller has given him.

So it’s just Colin and Samantha at risk, right? Not for long. The next morning, Jill comes to pick up Samantha and, refusing to listen to Colin’s warnings, barges into the house and becomes another attendee at the merry party. But three is never enough either. Later that day, Aasim shows up looking for Jill because she didn’t show for their lunch date. Before Aasim has a chance to barge in – and trust me, he would’ve – the Caller, who also has the house under close, physical surveillance, shoots him, not once, but twice, before Jill and Colin can drag him into the house. So now we have a party of four.

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