Vivarium 2019 hollywood movie reviews

The opening scene depicts the parasitic lifecycle of cuckoos, starting with a cuckoo depositing her egg in the nest of another bird. The cuckoo chick pushes the other baby birds out of the nest and, by the end, has grown disturbingly larger than its surrogate mother, who continues feeding the ravenous intruder.

After school, Gemma, a primary school teacher, meets her boyfriend Tom, a handyman. They drive to an estate agent’s to enquire about buying a house. The agent, Martin, greets them in a strange manner, in an office filled with identical model houses. They tell him they are not interested in the properties, but he insists on taking them to see one, and they follow him to a suburban development called Yonder, which is filled with identical green houses.

Martin shows them around house number 9. He asks if they have children, and when Gemma replies, “No, not yet”, he mimics her reply perfectly. They look around the garden, then reenter the house to find that Martin is gone. They attempt to drive out the way they came in but find themselves at number 9 again. In disbelief, they drive around the endless, identical streets until they run out of petrol.

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