Vivo 2021 hollywood movie reviews

In Havana, Cuba, Andrés Hernández and his kinkajou Vivo play music together in the plaza. One day after their show, Andrés receives a letter from Marta Sandoval, an old friend of his, informing him that she is retiring from her music career. The letter offers a chance to reconnect in Miami, Florida, at the Mambo Cabana and for Andrés to finally tell Marta how he feels about her through a song he wrote just for her. Vivo, happy with their life in Cuba, is reluctant to help Andrés and leaves in a huff. The next morning, it is discovered Andrés has passed away in his sleep and that night, a funeral service is held in the plaza, with Andrés’ niece Rosa and her daughter Gabi attending before they head back to their home in Key West, Florida.

Ashamed of his earlier reluctance, Vivo vows himself to get Marta to hear Andrés’ song. He stows away to Key West with Gabi and Rosa. Gabi is thrilled when she discovers Vivo hiding in her stuff and explains to him how she’s a underdog in her hometown because she is different from everyone else and does not want to be a part of her girl scout troop, the Sand Dollars. Gabi finds Andrés’s song and agrees to help Vivo deliver the song to Marta. Under the guise of attending a cookie sale in town, Gabi and Vivo purchase bus tickets to get to Marta’s show, but they are stopped by three other Sand Dollars, who show an interest in Vivo. Gabi and Vivo manage to escape from them, but miss the bus. They end up in the Everglades and are separated by a freak rain storm, losing the song.

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