Water Monster 2019 movies review

Shui Sheng witnessed his father being killed by the “water monkey” monster when he was young. Ten years later, the water monster reappeared and killed the younger brother and father of the heroine Xiang Lan. In order to save her, Shui Sheng launched a fierce battle to break feudal superstitions and to catch the water monster.

Water Monster 2019:- Male master aquatic cowardly, when I was a child and his father fishing together, witnessed his father was monster (water monkey) killed, aquatic from then on left a psychological shadow.

Ten years later, the monster (water monkey) appears again, killing qinglan’s brother and father. In order to save qinglan is not when the (water monkey) (sacrifice) aquatic began to learn fishing and water skills. He gather the power of the villagers, set foot on a crusade against the (water monkey) road, a war is about to be triggered in the river……

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