Wrong Place Wrong Time 2021 hollywood movies review


An elite team of vigilantes plot to steal 14 billion dollars of laundered money from a notorious mob boss. After being double-crossed, they find refuge in the middle of nowhere with a mysterious family carrying an unsettling secret. They discover that the man of the house is a creature of the dark and they must fight to survive the night.

Written and directed by Justin Price WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME has every intention of delivering a fast-paced, action-packed vampire vs armed vigilantes flick, unfortunately what we end up with a narrative that tends to neglect the horror and focus more on the constant squabbling between characters that are hard to emphasize with.

Add to that a pulsating score that fast becomes irritating, because it doesn’t ever give the on-screen events time or space to breathe, and you’re left with a film that could have been so much more if only it wasn’t directionless. This is a shame as when the occasional moments of horror are afforded space amongst the endless scenes of characters infighting they are well worth their screen-time.

Subtlety is lacking, both with the needless over-scoring and the outrageously annoying bursts of volume. Elsewhere scenes such as a young lad covered in blood as his mother lies dying are lingered on ‘for effect’ for far too long, in fact at that point I thought that I had hit the ‘pause’ button by mistake. The end result is incoherent, noisy and a long way from the marketing department’s claim that is in the tradition of RESIDENT EVIL and SHADOW IN THE CLOUD

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