Zombie Reddy 2021 movie reviews

In a televised broadcast, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces that a lockdown will be implemented to prevent the deadly coronavirus which has spread to India. A man with a knife follows an old man back to his home. Upon reaching the old man’s home, the man is attacked and knocked unconscious. He wakes up on an operating table in a hidden lab. A masked figure injects him with a serum. The serum turns the man into a zombie.

Marripalem Obul Reddy alias “Mario” wakes up to a text from his friend Bhadram that the lockdown has finally been lifted. A joyful Mario goes to breakfast with his family consisting of his mother, his father, Pratap Reddy, and his sister Preeti. Pratap berates his son for being a gamer and tells him to get a real job. Mario corrects his father, telling him that he is a game designer. Mario’s game becomes famous overnight with over a million downloads. Mario meets up with his friends, Bhadram and Maggie, who helped him design the game. As they read the reviews, they realize that a bug in the game causes the game to crash at higher levels. Mario calls his friend, Kalyan, who is also the programmer. Kalayan tells them that he is getting married and asks them to bring the code to the wedding. He invites them to the district of Kurnool and tells them to come to Bhooma Reddy’s house.

Bhooma Reddy is revealed to be a don who rules the village. He tells his men, Kasi Reddy and Masi Reddy, to hide all weapons until Kalyan is married off to his daughter, Pushkala. Bhooma Reddy is interrupted by the arrival of Nandini Reddy, the daughter of Bukka Reddy, one of Bhooma Reddy’s friends who gave his life for Bhoom Reddy. Bhooma Reddy welcomes Nandini as his daughter.

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