14 Peaks Nothing Is Impossible 2021 hollywood movie reviews


REVIEW: 14 Peaks – Nothing is Impossible carries a very strong message of teamwork, perseverance, dedication and national pride. It’s about Nims Purja, a mountaineer, who undertook the daunting task of climbing the 14 tallest peaks of the world, all above 8000 m, in a span of seven months. When he discussed his plan of scaling the mountains while raising funds for the expedition, he was scoffed at and mocked for undertaking an impossible task, and for the precise reason, he named his mountaineering expedition as ‘Project Possible’ as he wanted to prove everyone wrong.

The documentary shows Purja’s never-say-die attitude and his determination to attain the impossible. The documentary also gives a glimpse of his generosity in helping others out. Look for the sequence when he decides to save a fellow mountaineer and in the process falls victim to High Altitude Cerebral Edema or HACE.

The documentary while tracing his journey through the 14 peaks follows a non-linear narration and gives a peek into his past which includes his childhood, his training in the military school and his immense love for his mother. But while everything fits perfectly in the narrative, two chronicles that have been left half-baked are his fundraising campaign and how he shifted from Nepal to the UK. While the documentary talks about his initiative of raising money for his campaign, it does not tell viewers whether he succeeded in the mission or not. The relocation to London story too has been completely ignored.

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