30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela 2021 movie reviews


In 1947, Abbayi Gaaru and Ammayi Gaaru want to get married, but Abbayi gets killed in a fistfight, and Ammayigaru commits suicide. They are born again as Arjun and Akshara. Both get admission to the same Engineering college in Vizag. For some strange reason, they hate each other from the first sight itself. But the fate brings them to the same location where Abbai Garu and Ammayi Garu died. Here’s the twist: they find themselves in each other’s bodies. Arjun enters into Akshara’s body, Akshara in Arjun’s body. When they ask a swami how they can be turned back into their normal selves , he asks them to come back after 30 days. However, if this information is divulged, the effect might be permanent.

The next 30 days they make each other look like fools in front of their family and friends, which eventually leads to Akshara trying to commit suicide in Arjun’s body, which Arjun prevents, they both promise to mend their behavior.

They go to meet the swami, but are shocked to learn that he died. Upon enquiring his pupil for the solution, he tells them he needs 30 more days to prepare for a ritual. Meanwhile, the ritual success might depend on them falling in love.

After spending time in each other’s lives,they start to like each other, but Arjun needs to fight a kickboxing match against his rival. Akshara, having no idea of how to kickbox eventually enters the bout to fulfill Arjun’s dream, as she gets badly beaten in Arjun’s body, they realise their feelings for each other and kiss. The process is reversed, allowing Arjun to fight against his rival and win.

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