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Kabir Rajdheer Singh, a house surgeon at the Delhi Institute of Medical Sciences, suffers from severe anger management problems that gain him the reputation of a bully. After a brawl, Kabir is asked to either apologise or leave; he chooses to leave but stays upon seeing a new student, Preeti Sikka.

Later, Kabir and his friends announce that he has exclusively claimed Preeti. Initially timid, she adjusts to his overbearing attitude and eventually reciprocates his feelings, developing an intimate relationship. Kabir graduates with an MBBS degree and moves to Mussoorie for post-graduation. Despite the distance, their relationship strengthens over the next few years. After Preeti graduates, he meets her conservative parents, but her father Harpal catches them kissing and throws him out.

Harpal continues to oppose their relationship, despite Kabir’s attempts to explain their love. Enraged, Kabir asks Preeti to choose between him and her family within the next six hours, or he will end their relationship. Preeti fails to reach back to him in time; feeling abandoned, Kabir injects himself with morphine and remains unconscious for the next two days. On gaining consciousness, he learns that Preeti is being forced into an arranged marriage and gate crashes the wedding party; Harpal has him beaten and arrested. After Kabir is released, his father, Rajdheer, ostracises him from the family for his antics.

With his friend Shiva’s help, Kabir finds a rented flat and joins a private hospital as a surgeon. To cope with his emotions, he abuses drugs and alcohol, attempts one-night stands, has casual relationships, buys a pet dog — none of which are successful. Within months, he becomes a successful surgeon and a high-functioning alcoholic both respected and feared by the hospital staff. His self-destructive behaviour and obsession worry his friends.

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