Chicken Curry Law 2019 movie reviews


Foreign national Maya Johnson arrives in India hoping for a fresh start; but her world is torn apart when two criminals with political clout violate her. With the help of social activist Satya Deshmukh and lawyer Sitapati Shukla, she embarks on a legal battle to bring her rapists to justice.

What follows is a courtroom drama that exposes the ugly face of victim blaming and urges the society to reconsider its patriarchal values.

MUMBAI—The hard-hitting social drama, “Chicken Curry Law,” seems full of promise as we watch the high-octane trailer. The film deals with a very sensitive subject and the moot point of multiple debates in our country – Rape.

Directed by Shekhar Sirrin, “Chicken Curry Law” follows the journey of a young girl Maya, a trained belly dancer who comes to India in search of employment but gets brutally raped and is left to die. Her quest for justice brings two powerhouse actors, Ashutosh Rana and Makrand Deshpande, as attorneys in a courtroom face-off. The film raises multiple questions and exposes the loopholes in our legal system.

Speaking at the trailer launch, Sirrin said, “My film is the outcome of extensive research. We have interviewed a myriad mix of professionals – activists, lawyers, psychologists and victims as well. I would say that was the most difficult part of making this film. I wanted an in-depth research before attempting a subject like this. I have been lucky to have Ashustosh and Makrand on board and their nuanced performances brings the story to life.”

He added, “We keep talking about content being king. This is one film that I can safely say has two key driving forces – research and script. I would urge moviegoers to watch the film as I believe there is a substantial takeaway for every Indian.”

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