Aar Ya Paar 2022 Season 1 review

Aar Ya Paar Review: Sumeet Vyas, Ashish Vidyarthi and Dibyendu Bhattacharya hit the right notes for the most part. Sadly, their collective presence in the cast fails to lend credence to the proceedings notwithstanding the flashes of emotion and drama strewn across the narrative.

An all-out war between two worlds – one of the people who draw sustenance from a forest, the other represented by those who want to take control of the protected zone – is at the core of Aar Ya Paar, an eight-episode series created by Sidharth Sengupta for Hotstar Specials. The larger purpose notwithstanding, it does not take the show very long to turn into a conventional tale of vendetta centred on a young tribal man out to avenge his father, killed in cold blood by a mercenary on the payroll of a ruthless industrialist.







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