Aaradugula Bullet 2021 movies review


Shiva (Gopichand) is a careless young man who is dependent on his father, Murthy (Prakash Raj) for all his expenses. He got fired from his job in Maharashtra because of a rift he created with the local goon on creating on a bridge project. When his boss asked to apologize to the local goon Shiva retaliates stating he would never bow down in front of a wrong person. This angers the manager and fires Shiva. Later Shiva reveals that he had created a scene to get fired from the job as he is missing his family. Murthy feels angry upon hearing the news that Shiva had been dismissed from the job where with great difficulty he had Shiva recommended. Shiva unemployment and careless nature always becomes an issue between the father and son.

Due to Murthy’s transfer the family moves from Vijayawada. Shiva grandmother warns Shiva to be careful in the city as it is ruled by the local Don Kasi (Abhimanyu Singh). Shiva learns from his friend that Kasi has a huge ego problem and had once broken the leg of a minister who didn’t come to the opening of his mall after saying he would attend and forced him to come on a wheelchair to open the mall just to satisfy his ego.

In an wedding event Shiva sees Nayana (Nayanthara) and falls in love with her. Upon learning that Nayana’s boss makes her work day and night and takes all the credit for himself he goes to a bar and slaps Nayana’s boss. Shiva portrays himself as Nayana’s boyfriend which on result causes Nayana to be fired from the company. Shiva meets the depressed Nayana and tells her that life is beautiful to enjoy. Feeling confident with Shiva’s words Nayana goes to her boss’s house and shouts him out in front of his house on all his affairs. Nayana’s boss reveals that Shiva is the cause of her unemployment.

Upon questioning Shiva, he admits that he did this to make Nayana spend time with him and to make her fall in love. Nayana in return tells Shiva to bear all her expenses until her job comes back.

In the meanwhile Kasi comes to Murthy and ask him to give his house off. When Murthy rejects the later, Kasi gives Murthy 30 days time to change his decision otherwise he would have to suffer consequences. Here Shiva brings crackers to all Nayana’s apartment kids on her command but hears that city is not celebrating Diwali until court hearing as per Kasi’s command because Kasi’s brother was arrested. Shiva doesn’t bother Kasi’s command and asks the children to light the crackers. Seeing this Kasi’s goons comes to beat them up but Shiva tactfully shouts that Kasi’s brother is released hence everyone can celebrate Diwali. Hearing this the goons go back. Nayana gets impressed with Shiva and falls in love with him.

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