Aashram 2022 Season 3 review

Produced and directed by Prakash Jha, the series stars Bobby Deol, Aaditi Pohankar, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Darshan Kumaar, and Tridha Choudhury among others. Aashram revolves around a preacher named Baba Nirala (played by Bobby Deol) and how he cons his followers unless a girl decides to fight against his wrongdoings.

If you have watched the first two seasons of Aashram, you are surely very excited for the third season of the show. However, you will be disheartened to know that Aashram 3 might leave you disappointed.

Aashram 3 revolves around Pammi Pahelwan saving her life from Baba Nirala, fighting against him and revealing how he is a sexual offender in the name of a self-proclaimed god. However, in 9 out of 10 episodes of around 40 minutes each, the plot did not see any major development at all. It presented how Baba Nirala and his entire system were chasing Pammi, who was hiding from him to save her life.

The story only gets interesting in between its sub-plots. For instance, the story of Komal will leave you glued to your screen. Tridha Choudhury’s decision of having a ‘partnership’ in the ministry raises some excitement as well. Another worth mentioning aspect is when Baba Nirala’s wife talks about his past in the last episode. These instances in individuality will keep you engrossed. However, all of these are short-lived.

When the fight between Pammi Pahelwan and Baba Nirala reaches the courtroom, you might think that things will get interesting. However, Aashram 3 leaves you with one of the worst court dramas ever. The two actors who played the role of lawyers lack the energy that usually a courtroom drama demands. Dialogues are weak and the plot is rather rushed.

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