Anne+ 2021 hollywood movies review


Anne+ is a 2018 Dutch drama television series that premiered on BNNVARA and 3LAB on 30 September 2018. Set in Amsterdam, it follows the love life of Anne, a twenty four year-old lesbian. The series is created by Maud Wiemeijer, Valerie Bisscheroux, and Hanna van Vliet, and produced by Millstreet Films.

In season 1, as Anne “moves into her own place she unexpectedly runs into her ex-girlfriend Lily. Lily was her first girlfriend and a lot has happened since they broke up four years ago. Over the weekend, Anne reflects on the relationships she has had throughout her student years in Amsterdam. In six episodes we learn about Anne’s turbulent love life and how these diverse girls and various relationships have contributed to who she is today”.

In season 2, “Anne seems to have things going for her; she has a job at a creative agency, plenty of close friends, she is dating a lovely girl and lives in a great apartment in the city center of Amsterdam. But still she is restless. She wants a career change, but doesn’t know where to start and constantly keeps being distracted. Especially when all of a sudden an ex-girlfriend is standing on her doorstep, while she is already having trouble with a different ex.

Her parents apparently have their own stuff to deal with, so she can’t count on them to help her out. And her friends seem to have other things on their mind then what is going on with Anne. Also, she should really start doing something about those bills pilling up on her kitchen table. This grown up life turns out to be something other than she expected. How are you supposed to balance friends, work and relationships?”

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