Ardaas Karaan 2019 movie reviews


Gippy Grewal’s much-awaited movie Ardaas Karaan released with great reviews. It is one of the awaited sequels in the Punjabi industry after the superhit Ardaas in 2016. Directed and written by Gippy himself, the movie will surely make you sit till the end scene in the theatres. Along with connecting the elderly, it also attracts the young generation.

The story of Ardaas Karaan revolves around 3 elderly men, who live in Canada (Malkeet Rauni, Rana Jung Bahadur and Sardar Sohi). All 3 comes from different caste but have similar problems in life that their children don’t understand them. Whenever they try to communicate with their family, they end up arguing. They were so depressed, that the 3 decides to end up life after enjoying it to the fullest.

One day all of them decides to go out for a trip for 1 week along with Sehaj (Gippy Grewal) and Magic (Gurpreet Ghuggi). And the two were full of positivity, who makes them understand their respective families despite their own issues. Will the two be able to succeed in their mission and help the elderly to reunite with their family? Watch out how Ardaas helps them in their journey of life.

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