Around the World in 80 Days 2004 hollywood movie reviews


Lau Xing robs the Bank of England and hides in Phileas Fogg’s house, giving his name as “Passport…too”. Fogg hears “Passepartout” and hires him as valet. Passepartout helps Fogg break the 50-mph speed barrier. At the Royal Academy of Science, Fogg is insulted by Baron Kelvin. Fogg bets that he can travel around the world in 80 days. If he wins he will replace Kelvin as Minister of Science, if not he will be ruined. Fogg and Passpartout take a carriage out of London after a confrontation with corrupt Inspector Fix, hired by Kelvin.

Passpartout and Fogg journey to Paris, where Passepartout must evade General Fang’s warriors. Fang wants the jade Buddha previously given to Lord Kelvin but stolen by Passepartout. Pretending to take Fogg to see Thomas Edison, Passepartout leads him to impressionist painting student Monique La Roche. Passepartout fights the minions while his boss discusses impressionism. The two men and Monique depart in a hot-air balloon, chased by Fang’s warriors.

In Turkey, Prince Hapi orders the men to leave while Monique must become his seventh wife. The men convince Hapi to release Monique for “The Thinker” statue. The three travelers escape.

Kelvin learns about the bank robbery. He orders the British-American colonial authorities in India to arrest both men. Passepartout sees notice of the price on his head and warns his companions. Disguised as women they are attacked by Fang’s warriors. Using Inspector Fix and a sextant as weapons, Fogg and Passepartout defeat their assailants and flee to China.

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