Bad Cat 2016 hollywood movie reviews


Shero, a crass and short-tempered cat owned by a man named Tank, has sent his associates, Rifki the seagull and Riza the rat, to obtain liquor for a barbecue that night. Another cat, Black, informs Shero of an attractive Siamese cat named Princess in a nearby apartment. When her cartoonist owner leaves for work, Shero and Black sneak into the apartment to seduce Princess, but she accidentally kills herself in a panic. The cartoonist returns home to find Princess dead and furiously attacks Shero and Black.

Black is killed, and Shero engages the cartoonist in a fight that results in the cartoonist’s death when they both tumble out the window. On his way back home, Shero meets a young cat named Taco, who claims to be Shero’s illegitimate son. Shero rejects Taco and goes to steal some fish from Hazel, Tank’s landlady. Hazel retaliates by threatening Tank with eviction unless he can cover months of unpaid rent by the next day.

An angered Tank ejects Shero from his home and blocks every possible entrance. While smoking and sulking, Shero witnesses a beautiful Angora cat named Misscat being harassed by a pair of dogs and rescues her by beating her assailants. Shero attempts to seduce Misscat but is turned down and told to meet her again on the same rooftop that night. Meanwhile, the brainless cadaver of the cartoonist is revived by an ambulance defibrillator. The cartoonist hijacks the ambulance and begins a vengeful search for Shero.

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