Bear 2010 hollywood movie reviews


Businessman Sam, his wife Liz and his musician brother Nick with his girlfriend Christine are driving through a remote countryside to their father’s birthday dinner. Several miles into a back road shortcut, they get a flat tire and are unable to get a cell phone signal to call for help. While repairing the tire, Sam berates Nick for wasting his life being a musician, his latest fling with Christine being another mistake on his judgement list.

As they are arguing, they are approached by a grizzly bear. Despite Nick’s efforts to convince the group to calmly leave, Sam takes matters into his own hands and shoots the bear down with a handgun. After the bear dies, they are approached by a larger male bear who charges them in revenge, causing them to retreat into their minivan. In his rage, the bear overturns the minivan, trapping the humans inside.

After striding around for several minutes, the bear leaves, allowing the crew to turn the minivan over. But as they start driving, the axles break under both sets of tires, stranding them again. The group tries to leave on foot, but they are ambushed by the bear who chases them to an out-of-ground pipe. He tricks them into leaving for the minivan and attacks again; this time he is able to catch Christine who is killed while the others watch.

Nick begins to think that the bear is taking out his revenge on them one-by-one due to a Native American legend that bears are actually the reincarnated spirits of Shaman and are capable of human thoughts and emotion. Sam dismisses this and they set a trap to try to keep the bear in the car in order for them to escape. The trap is sprung, but Nick is nearly killed by the bear, forcing Sam and Liz to release the bear and retreat back into the vehicle themselves.

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