Big Octopus 2020 movies review

Big Octopus is a 2020 Chinese science fiction horror film about a small shop owner who catches a mutant little octopus while fishing. Planning to send it to his ex-girlfriend Zimo as a sample for marine biological research, he accidentally becomes involved in a conspiracy involving genetic mutation experiments… Directed by Xiang Huaxiang (aka Frank Xiang) and starring Liu Mu, Zhao Qian (aka Candice Zhao) and Zhang Haocheng, the movie was produced by Tianyong Film and Television.

“All told, I was slightly disappointed. Failure to live up to the advertising material similarly goes with the territory. But the gap between the glorious poster and underwhelming “reality” was particularly palpable on this occasion.” Grade: C Film Blitz

” …there’s always something happening — car chases, monster action, gunplay, and even a cute animal character who would probably be in the toy stores if this were an American film. The Big Octopus looks fairly good and suggests something Cthulhu-esque, but somehow, despite some pretty good elements, the whole is… unsatisfying.” Rivets on the Poster

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