Crossing Point 2016 hollywood movies review


The girlfriend of a couple vacationing in Baja is kidnapped by a drug dealer who demands that her boyfriend smuggle back cocaine into the US or she will be killed.

Crossing Point is a 2016 drama about a young American man forced to work for a dangerous drug smuggler when his girlfriend is kidnapped and used as bait to make him run his drugs.
Michael (Shawn Lock) and Olivia (María Gabriela de Faría) are traveling with two friends, looking to party and surf in the Mexican sun. The couple have been dating for six months but Michael is in love and wants to settle down, despite the teasing rebuttals of his friends.

But one evening when Michael is going to meet Olivia in the lobby of the hotel, she doesn’t show up and instead, he gets a text message with an image of her bound and gagged. He then meets a crazed drug lord named Mateo (Rudy Youngblood) who informs him he has twelve hours to get across the border with a duffle full of cocaine or Olivia dies. Now he has to work his way through Tijuana and the underbelly of the crime world to find passage, all the while, never losing faith that he can save his girlfriend. Meanwhile, a diligent and driven Tijuana cop (Jacob Vargas) catches wind that drugs are on the move.

Directed by Daniel Zirilli, Crossing Point is a competently made thriller that borrows liberally from many others in the genre, but still maintains a compelling narrative. Taking itself very seriously, it covers a lot of ground given the simple plot but doesn’t explore much beyond the tropes we’ve seen countless times before. There are twists that might surprise but shouldn’t, though that doesn’t detract from the story. It’s not really about that. This is more about the journey and the chase.

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