Cyborg X 2016 hollywood movies review


Written and directed by Kevin King, and from Parking Garage Pictures, Cyborg X is about a future in which a company called “X-Corp” which has lost control of the operating system for its autonomous weaponized machines and they take over and kill most of mankind. It starts off with a news anchor telling everyone to stay indoors and then picks up a year later where most humans are dead, and… wait a minute… Yeah, pretty much the same premise as the Terminator films. Being that this is a low-budget film, it wasn’t surprising to see this kind of unoriginality, but the overall premise is almost exactly the same.

The story follows a small outpost of people, which a message on-screen notes as being one of the last remaining human encampments in the western hemisphere with a population of 11. There is a handful of military personnel and a couple of civilians. While one of the military group is out scouting, they come across a flying drone accompanied by a cyborg who is chasing a man and woman. They see the cyborg kill the woman and capture the man. The scout takes some photos of this, brings them back to the camp, and they believe it to be the founder of X-Corp who started it all. They know he was taken to a warehouse in the area, so they go out to see if they can locate and retrieve him. If you watched the Terminator films, you can already kind of see where this is going. There isn’t any time travel, but the rest of it is pretty in-line with that story.

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