Dhuandhaar 2021 movies review


Dhuandhaar (Gujarati) is a 2021 Gujarati thriller film starring Malhar Thakar, Netri Trivedi, Alisha Prajapati, Dimple Biscuitwala and Hiten Kumar. The film is written and directed by Rehan Chaudhary. Yesha Bhatt, writing for Times of India, praised the film for its “deviation from the usual romcoms” that the industry has been making. She noted that the film “get slightly slow” after interval “but it delivers an absolute punch in the gut at the climax”. She praised the cinematography, but criticized the screenplay and characterization.

STORY: What do you do when you are involved in a fatal accident and you have killed your friend’s father? You try to hide it. Aarav, in a bid to hide his mistake, commits a few more heinous crimes. And all this right under the nose of the cop who is also your best friend’s brother! The story takes you on a fascinating ride, one that will make you ask a lot of questions.

REVIEW: Dhuandhaar, directed by Rehan Chaudhary, will take you by surprise. It is not often that thrillers are attempted in the Gujarati film industry and it’s pleasing to see a deviation from the usual romcoms that the industry has been churning out. The movie, starring superstars Malhar Thakar and Hiten Kumar, does an amazing job and keeps you hooked till the last minute. The film does get slightly slow post interval but it delivers an absolute punch in the gut at the climax.

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