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Varun, a military doctor working in the Indian Army Medical Corps, is a strict and pragmatic person. While returning home from an operation, he receives a voicemail from his fiancee, Padmini, who urges him to call off their upcoming wedding.

While enquiring about her sudden change-of-decision with her family, he is belittled by her for being emotionally distant and apathetic. While leaving, Varun and Padmini’s family learns that Padmini niece, Chinnu (whom Varun is close to) has gone missing; her school was dismissed earlier than planned.

With their initial efforts in finding her ending in vain, the family lodges a complaint with the police – which in turn appoints Bhagat, a low-ranking police officer, to protect the family and the monitor the family’s communications, in search of any clues to any possible kidnapping.

Disillusioned with the police’s sluggish progress, Varun plots to kidnap the daughter of the Assistant Commissioner of Police, believing that the resulting investigation would be more competent. His plan works, and the police nab almost every major criminal related to child-kidnapping.

Varun singles out three criminals, noticing that they were present around Chinnu’s school at the time of her disappearance. Varun sedates them, and interrogates them by blackmailing them with their kidneys; he had apparently taken them out. One of the criminals confesses to kidnapping Chinnu, and handing her over to a child-trafficking network.

Varun recruits one of the criminals, Pratap and two other local gangsters, Mahaali and Killi, to assist in his investigation. Varun’s search leads him to twins Alvin and Melvin, both of whom are responsible for child-trafficking and prostitution. Varun and Padmini’s family confront the duo in the Chennai Metro, and succeed in separating the duo and abducting Alvin.

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