Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada 2016 movie reviews


Arjun, after finishing his exam, waits at marriage registrar office for his girlfriend Ayesha to arrive and marry her, but Ayesha does not show up, leaving Arjun heartbroken. A few years later, Kishore, a cousin of Arjun’s friend, becomes mentally disturbed and feels possessed by a spirit in his body.

For treatment, Arjun takes Kishore to Kerala. While Kishore is being treated, Arjun is attracted to a girl named Amala, who reminds him of Ayesha. After finishing Kishore’s treatment, Arjun is once again left heartbroken as Amala leaves the place without even informing him. Arjun goes after Amala to her village, Vijayawada, and gets shocked by knowing that Amala met with an accident four years back and the girl whom he met in Kerala is not Amala. Back in Hyderabad, Arjun meets the girl who posed to be Amala and finds that her actual name is Nithya and gets to know that in the past, Nithya was possessed by a spirit whose name was Amala and Nithya went to Kerala for treatment.

Gradually, Nithya and Arjun grow closer, but at that time, Amala’s spirit enters another girl’s body whose name is Parvathi and comes to Arjun’s house. Arjun, although tensed, maintains normal behaviour with Amala. Gradually Arjun’s close behavior with Nithya makes Amala furious and emotional as she becomes possessive about Arjun.

At that point, Amala reveals the truth that she is none other than Ayesha, whose actual name is Amala but Arjun thought it was Ayesha – the same girl whom Arjun was supposed to get married, but unfortunately on the day of marriage, she meets with an accident and dies on the spot. She says that she saved the girl named Parvathi when she was attempting suicide because she was supposed to marry her uncle, whom she does not like.

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