Extinct 2021 hollywood movie reviews


Op and Ed are sister and brother flummels – cute, furry donut-shaped animals who live on an island in the Galapagos in 1835. Ed, a grumpy pessimist, desperately wants to fit in with the community while Op, overly exuberant, constantly creates havoc that makes them outsiders. When Op’s impulsive actions end up ruining the preparations for the upcoming Flower Festival, Op and Ed are banished. Undeterred, Op leads Ed up the far side of the mountain to the forbidden zone in search of flowers so wonderful the flummels will have to let them rejoin the festival. There, to Op and Ed’s amazement, they discover a large, mysterious glowing flower which opens up and, with a magical pulse, sucks both Op and Ed into it. They plummet through a colorful time portal and pop out into a house in… modern day Shanghai.

In Shanghai, Op and Ed meet Clarance, an adorable little dog. Clarance tries to help them understand where and when they are, and decides he will help them get back. He takes them to a museum where they learn, to their horror, flummels went extinct in 1835 – right after they fell into the time flower. Op and Ed realize they have to return to 1835 and save their species.

Clarance offers Op and Ed another “time flower” that his scientist owner, the dearly departed Dr. Chung, has been experimenting with. This transports the trio to a place that exists outside of space and time – Dr. Chung’s amazing Time Terminal. There, hundreds of time flowers connect, each leading to different points in history. Unfortunately, another Op and Ed accident throws Clarance into a random portal and the little dog is lost in an unknown time and place.

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