Ghanchakkar 2013 movie reviews


‘Sanju’ (Emraan Hashmi) is an expert- master safe cracker who maintains a casual lifestyle with his wife Neetu (Vidya Balan).

He meets two criminals, Pandit and Idris and they offer him a chance to assist a bank robbery. If the heist is successful, they will ensure that he never has to worry about money again, so he accepts the offer.

The three thieves make off with 30 crore inr.

After the bank robbery, Pandit decides that Sanju should keep the suitcase of money hidden (as Pandit and Idris already have record with the police, coupled with the fact that Sanju is married, and will be the least suspected by the police ) and that they will meet after three months and then they will split the money.

After three months, Pandit and Idris discover that Sanjay lost his memory in an accident with head injury and hence, Sanju is suffering with retrograde amnesia.

Pandit and Idris decide that they can not trust Sanju anymore, they need to keep a close eye on him in case he runs away. They stay at Sanjay and Neetu’s house until Sanjay remembers where he hid the money and to make sure they’re not cheated. They give him a week to do so.

Sanjay tries to remember where he hid the money but he can not.

When Sanjay learns that his college friend Uttam Nagpal (Parvin Dabas) has become an overnight millionaire, apparently by winning a lottery, he suspects Uttam.

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