Googly Gumm Hai 2022 movies review


Armed with a good script, director Pavan Wadeyar has done a good job of a romantic story with neat narration and screenplay capturing the trauma of a young industrialist who falls in love with a girl, only to be dumped later. Though the director has infused life into the story with excellent making, the narration could have been faster.

The story does not move at times with the sequences testing your patience. Perhaps, Pavan could have thought of trimming the movie by at least 15 minutes. The story is focused on Sharath (Yash), an entrepreneur, who leads a jolly life without caring for anyone.

He also has his reservations about falling in love and is careful about it. But Swathi (Kriti Kharabanda), a medical student, meets him at the World Economic Forum and the duo start loving each other. The story takes a curious turn when Sharath finds Swathi with Sandeep and slaps him.

This enrages Swathi who chooses to end her friendship with Sharath. She also makes a call to Sharath stating that she is engaged to another boy. But Sharath is not able to forget Swathi. He meets her at a friend’s wedding and the story takes serious twists with excellent sentimental sequences.

Full marks to Yash for his lively performance as Sharath, especially in the sentimental sequences. Kriti Kharabanda has given life to her character. Music director Joshua Sridhar has some catchy tunes for you. Vaidi has done an excellent work with his camera.

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