Heaven 2022 movies review


The film begins when a group of NCC cadets on a camping trip finds a decomposing body in the woods. Bijoy Kuruvila Sudev Nair is the investigating officer for the murder and he soon finds that the murderer is a police office named Peter Kurishinkal (Suraj Venjaramoodu) and arrests him. The film then goes back to Peter’s life.

Circle Inspector of Police, Peter Kurishinkal is a stoic and taciturn officer, who prefers brain over brawn to solve his cases. He is a widower and lives with him mom and son. The police is investigating a mass murder of a Mathew’s family and he discovers that his son is also murdered. CI Kishore (Padmaraj Ratheesh) is the investigating officer and he finds that a migrant worker who used to work at their home is absconding and he is the prime suspect.

Peter notices that the tapes tied on victims hands are tied anti-clockwise, so a left handed person should have done the crime. The migrant worker was right handed. Peter joins back to his job because he wants to find who murdered his son. Later he finds the migrant workers body from the same house buried under the tiles. Peter also finds blood stains on the floor and looks for patients who got treatment on that day for similar injuries and arrests Stephan (Jaffar Idukki).

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