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Seenu (Mikhail Gandhi), an orphaned street urchin, has a friend named Junnu (Myrah Dandekar). He makes a very close bonding with her. But one day, Junnu’s family moves to Delhi because of her father’s transfer. The day she leaves, Junnu gives her phone number to Seenu written on a hundred rupee note, but a thief steals that note. While chasing the thief to get the hundred rupee note, Seenu is hit by a car driven by Sarojini and her husband, Prakash. They later adopt Seenu after taking him to the hospital as Sarojini promised the lord that if the boy survived, she would do something good for him.

After fourteen years, Seenu (who is now named Avinash) (Akhil Akkineni) along with Junnu (now named Priya) (Kalyani Priyadarshan) are both living affluent lifestyles but are not happy without each other. He finally discovers her whereabouts on a whim by hearing a tune they created during childhood while on a wrong call with a cab driver. The cab driver says that the location is a music fest, but a street thug steals his phone. So, he sets out to get it back in order to reconcile with Junnu.

A flashbacks reveal Seenu/Avinash’s journey with Sarojini and Prakash as a happy family. Junnu/Priya is sad in Delhi thinking about Seenu and learns that her father is being transferred to the United States. Before leaving for the United States, she thinks of finding Seenu in Hyderabad and attending her close friend’s wedding. While picking up his mother at the airport, Avinash sees Priya but does not recognize her. Later Priya and Avinash meet again when Priya distributes 100 rupees to poor street children. They meet at the wedding but Priya, reminded of young Seenu, runs away. Avinash follows her and accidentally breaks the bangle, which was gifted by Seenu they were friends in childhood and was very dear to her. Being heartbroken, enraged Priya slaps Avinash.

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