Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam 2002 movie reviews


Dev Narayan lives with his daughter Laxmi and her children. He also looks after two orphans, Gopal and Nita. When he refuses to pay for Laxmi’s husband Ramnath who must be operated, she leaves the house with her children. Ramnath dies. Laxmi spots and takes in an orphaned boy. Her daughter Radha forms a sisterly bond with him, named Suraj.

Suraj, a famous and popular singer is grateful to Radha for contributing to his success by her support. Gopal is a rich businessman. Laxmi dies in an accident. Radha and Prashant are taken to live with Gopal and Nita. As Gopal loves Radha since childhood, Dev fixes their marriage. They get married but Radha tells she loves Laxmi and Prashant only. Gopal is hurt as she didn’t mention him. He doesn’t like that Radha is always on the phone with Suraj.

Gopal suspects Suraj and Radha to be secretly seeing each other, and throws her out. Then Gopal sends Radha a divorce note; Suraj realizes the situation and secretly meets him anyway. Gopal angrily confronts him; Suraj leaves after an argument and blames himself for the divorce. Later, Gopal realizes he misunderstood Radha and Suraj’s sibling relationship for adultery. He unites with Radha; they visit Suraj. Gopal apologizes to him and things end well.

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