I Know What You Did Last Summer 2021 reviews


We’re starting to get a glimpse of the bigger picture now, and it’s pretty entertaining. “Mukbang” has a lot of the same problems as other episodes this season: some cheesy dialogue, a weird supporting-character subplot, and a general lack of clarity about what everyone knows. But the pacing is good, the plot moves forward, and we get our first actual suspense scene of the series.

Most satisfyingly, everyone finally recognizes Clara for the obvious murder suspect she is. It starts when she interrupts Dylan carving Allison’s name into the wall of the cave, a bloody knife in her hand as she rambles about the futility of redemption. Dylan visits Allison, and they agree that Clara makes the most sense as the killer, for the reasons we all already know: She saw them at the cave that night, she had access to Allison’s body and belongings, and she had a black truck like Allison’s stalker. They resolve to find proof.

But first, let’s talk about the interrogation scene when Lyla and another cop question everyone about the night of Allison’s funeral and ask about their connections to Dale. Lennon’s OnlyFans also comes up, which leads me to a bunch of questions.

Here’s the main one: Why are Allison-as-Lennon and Margot hiding what they know about the OnlyFans account and pretending it belonged to Allison? Maybe someone took down the account already, but it’s still the kind of lie that can be exposed so easily if the cops ever manage to get some form of access or track down all the subscribers. Besides, everyone knows that Lennon, despite her whole golden-girl vibe, would be the one to have an OnlyFans. Not Allison.

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