Jhootha Hi Sahi 2010 movie reviews


Siddharth “Sid” Arya (John Abraham) is an average man who owns a bookstore in London named Kagaz Ke Phool with his friends, Omar (Raghu Ram), a Pakistani and naive but jovial Amit (Omar Khan). His other friends include Omar’s pregnant sister Aliya (Alishka Varde), her boyfriend Nick (George Young) and Uday (Prashant Chawla) who is gay. His girlfriend Krutika (Manasi Scott), an air hostess, never leaves a chance to dominate him and he gets fed up as a result, but tries his best to keep her happy nevertheless.

One night, Sid starts getting calls from people at night who attempt suicide and learns from Suhana Malik (Nandana Sen), an NGO volunteer that his number was mistakenly printed on fliers of a suicide helpline, DOST India. Sid offers to volunteer willingly as he has some experience in convincing people and consoling them. He gets a call from Mishka (Pakhi Tyrewala), a beautiful but suicidal woman who was dumped by her ex-boyfriend Kabir (R. Madhavan), a writer, and is on the verge of taking her life. Mishka discloses her suicidal feelings and then they become phone friends. However, as a rule, Sid must keep his phone identity hidden so Mishka starts calling him “Fidato”.

As a coincidence, Mishka comes to Sid’s bookstore to buy some books as instructed by Fidato. Despite the awkward first impression at the bookstore, Fidato insists Mishka that she befriend Sid, as it would make her happy and live on with life, to which she agrees. Sid/Fidato and Mishka get closer and bond closely through their night phone calls, where Sid learns that Mishka is a painter by profession and lives all alone, having given up her profession as it reminded her of the hard times with Kabir. Sid/Fidato consoles her and eventually Mishka gets better and decides to start life afresh, thanks to Sid. His friends also realize that Sid is truly in love with Mishka since he never happened to stammer when Krutika is around (Sid stammers whenever he talks to beautiful women, but not on the phone nor with his friends.)

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