Jivan Sandhya 2021 movie reviews


Jivan Abhyankar is a widower in his 60s who is currently staying with his son and daughter-in-law. Sandhya Joshi is a widow, also in her 60s, who stays all alone in her apartment. A chance meeting happens between both sexagenarians which eventually leads to friendship. However, as they spend more time with each other, their feelings start to change into something more. Will they act upon these feelings? Or will they ignore them for the sake of their families?

Jivan Sandhya primarily focuses on the two lovebirds – Jivan Abhyankar and Sandhya Joshi. Jivan is portrayed by Ashok Saraf, while Sandhya is portrayed by Kishori Shahane. While both actors are good in the first half of the film, they become much better in the second half. Jivan becomes paralyzed on his right side, while Sandhya is forced to play the role of a caretaker to stay close to Jivan. This change forces both actors to step up their game – and step up they did.

Jivan Sandhya is a beautiful love story. Two people meet each other by chance and strike up a friendship. Upon repeated meetings, they realize that they have feelings for each other. But when their family comes to know about their relationship, they disapprove. Still, they continue with their relationship. But due to some reasons, they are forced apart by their family. They eventually hatch a plan to get their families to accept them. While the story sounds like it might have been done before – in this film, our “lovebirds” are two sexagenarians. Not your typical love story.

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