Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous 2022 Season 5 review


STORY: Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is an animation adventure set in the Jurassic Park universe and is focussed on six teens who are selected to be the first campers on Isla Nublar. The fifth season, also the final season focusses on Kenji’s father’s nefarious activities and intention of making the dinosaurs an object of display to the world. The six teens do their best to thwart Kenji’s father’s evil desire.

REVIEW: The fifth season of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is a thrilling finale and ties all the loose ends that were witnessed in the previous seasons. The story of six teenagers’ quest for survival who go on an adventure camp on Isla Nublar after dinosaurs wreak havoc is brought to a satisfying conclusion in this final action-adventure series.

The series begins when Kenji is reunited with his father, Kon. The Nublar Six – Darius, Benji, Brooklyn, Yaz and Sammy end up on another island where the dinosaurs are controlled by Mantah Corp, the evil corporation managed by Benji’s father. Kon, CEO of Mantah Corp has bigger and evil ambitions and is willing to profiteer from the dinosaurs by making them fight for anyone who is ‘willing to pay for a ticket’. Benji is not aware of his father’s evil ambitions and falls for his sweet talk. This slowly and steadily alienates Benji from his friends whose only desire is to save the dinosaurs of the island and ensure that the deal Mantah plans to enter with BioSyn is called off. Mantah Corp is into the production of mind-control chips through which the dinosaurs can be controlled by the use of remote control.

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