Kaalkoot 2023 Season 1 review

Arunabh Kumar and Sumit Saxena wrote and directed the 2023 JioCinema crime drama television series titled Kaalkoot. It features Suzanna Mukherjee, Gopal Dutt, Yashpal Sharma, Shweta Tripathi, and Vijay Varma among others.

A man on a scooter and hurling acid at a girl are the first two actors in the scene. On the other hand, sub-inspector Ravi Shankar Tripathi of the Uttar Pradesh police is dissatisfied with his position and his duties as a police officer. Constable Sattu Yadav will deliver his resignation letter to the Station house officer on his behalf.

The acid attack case has been reported, and Ravi is investigating. Ravi isn’t taking the matter very seriously because Parul and the SHO forced him to accept it, and Ravi’s photo is being exchanged for Parul’s hand in marriage.

Finding the person responsible for the acid attack is the central plot device. Out of 28 cases involving acid attacks in the past, just 2 persons have been arrested, making the success rate of discovery extremely low.

The show is focused on the life of a driven police officer who balances his professional and personal obligations while working to solve an acid attack case.





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