Katha Kanchiki Manam Intiki 2022 movies review


The much-awaited horror-comedy ‘Katha Kanchiki Manam Intiki’ starring Thrigun and Poojitha Ponnada hit the theatres this Friday has a very simple premise but what works in its favour is the horror-comedy angle. Let’s see how it is.

Story: ‘Katha Kanchiki Manam Intiki’ is the story of four people from different stratum of society. Prem played by Thirugan is a bachelor who has been desperately seeking for marriage alliance for the past few years. He would be looking at every unmarried girl with dreams in his eyes and will go to any extent to get married. Deeksha played by Poojitha Ponnada is an unambitious woman who spends most of her time betting by risking her life. Dongesh played by Getup Srinu is a petty thief with a disability. The four people end up meeting in a graveyard. What happens to these four people forms the crux of the story.

Performances: Director Chanakya Chinna’s story seems simple, but her characters are the strength of the narrative. The lead actors’ chemistry is getting wide admiration from movie-goers. Especially, Deeksha is seen making her own choices. She is simple and remarkably independent. She also behaves stubbornly when dealing with others. While Deeksha’s actions look unconvincing at times, Poojitha Ponnada makes up for it with her strong presence. Thirugan performed well, and in some scenes, his performance was nothing short of amazing. Getup Srinu also gave his best in terms of comic timing. All the actors were characterized suitably.

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