Kavacham 2018 movies review


Inspector Vijay saves a girl from goons and finds out she was going to elope with her boyfriend. He drops her at the rendezvous and, while waiting for her boyfriend, starts telling her about how he fell for Samyukta, café waitress, after she returned him his lost purse. In the meanwhile, he also fought and got a criminal named Ajay Bhupati arrested for kidnapping a girl. Back to his personal life, he was left heartbroken to learn about Samyukta’s engagement.

Vijay takes the girl to his house after her boyfriend doesn’t turn up. The next morning, finding out that her boyfriend cheated on her, Vijay drops the girl at a bus stop where they witness his mother (Kalyani Natarajan)’s accident. At the hospital, the doctor demands an unaffordable sum of 50 lakh rupees for the operation.

The girl, revealing herself to be billionaire Mahendra Varma’s niece, asks him to fake her kidnapping and demand 50 lakhs as ransom. She convinces Vijay that by doing this, she would also be accepted by her family members since no one would question her disappearance. Following the call, Mahendra’s son Vikramaditya Varma informs the police and is accompanied by them to the rendezvous, where Vijay intelligently acquires the ransom without revealing his identity.

He deposits the money at the hospital, following which his mother is saved. Vijay drops the girl at a bus stop and informs Mahendra about it. On his way home, he witnesses a car accident. Finding the driver severely injured, Vijay calls the ambulance and sends him to the hospital.

The next day, he learns that Samyukta is the actual niece of Mahendra Varma and that he has been framed for kidnapping her. Without revealing his identity, Ajay Bhupathi calls Vijay to tell him his game his over.

With the help of his trusted Constable P. Sudarshan, Vijay locates Ajay and thrashes him but is shocked upon first learning he’s not the kidnapper and then finding the corpse of the girl he had saved from goons.

Upon being noticed, he is chased by cops but is rescued by Vaishnavi (Apoorva Srinivasan), Samyukta’s friend. Revealing that Samyukta too loved him, she admits having lied about her engagement in order to test him. She also reveals Samyukta last called from a shopping mall.

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