Kung Fu Hustle 2004 movie reviews


In 1940s Shanghai, petty crooks Sing and Bone aspire to join the notorious Axe Gang, which rules the town through violence under the leadership of the cold-blooded Brother Sum. The two visit Pigsty Alley, a rundown slum, where they claim to be Axe Gang members and attempt to extort the residents before being chased off by the slum’s Landlady.

In an attempt to bluff them, Sing throws a firecracker that he claims will signal the rest of the gang, which blows up the hat of a minor Axe Gang boss passing by. Sing blames the residents for throwing the firecracker, and the boss attacks a barber, only to be struck by an unseen assailant. The gang then calls for reinforcements while three of the tenants—Coolie, Tailor, and Donut—reveal themselves to be kung fu masters and triumph over the gang members. Fearing the Axe Gang’s retaliation, the Landlady quickly evicts the trio.

Infuriated by the loss of his men, Brother Sum captures Sing and Bone, intending to kill them for posing as gang members. Sing narrowly frees himself and Bone with his lock-picking skills, impressing Brother Sum, who allows them to join the gang on the condition that they kill someone.

Lamenting his failure, Sing recalls his childhood to Bone: he had been duped into believing he was a natural-born kung fu genius by a vagrant selling a martial arts pamphlet, giving the vagrant his meager savings to purchase the pamphlet. Sing practiced the pamphlet’s Buddhist Palm technique and attempted to save Fong, a mute girl, from bullies, only to be beaten and humiliated when the bullies pointed out the pamphlet costs a mere 20 cents. Sing then became adamant the good guys never win and resolved to be a villain.

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