Laddu Babu 2021 movie reviews


Laddu babu is a slim good looking man, until a mosquito laden with a strange virus bites him. Within months he becomes enormously obese in an irreversible condition. His unnatural size becomes a problem for his father Kishtayya because he wanted to get his son married fast. His son’s wedding meant that Kishtayya would inherit his ancestral home which he planned to sell and move to Goa. But Laddu babu’s size was making his plan difficult. More than his size it was his attitude that prevented him from marrying all the girls his father tried to set him up with. Laddu babu wanted to find true love in a dream girl.

In another part of the town Murthy, a ten-year-old boy who lived with his widowed mother Madhuri was making plans with his friends to make Laddu babu’s life miserable because he refused to be friends with Murthy. Laddu babu meanwhile sets his eyes on Maya (Poorna) and falls in love with her. He starts making attempts to bump into her and woo her. But his enmity with Murthy comes in the way. Not knowing that they were destroying Laddu babu’s love life, Murthy and gang torment Laddu babu and indirectly make sure that Laddu babu never got to woo Maya.

One day when Laddu babu doesn’t go home on time (because of a Murthy prank) to meet a set of twin girls arranged by his father, he is thrown out of the house. As he sat by the roadside and wondered where to go, Murthy comes to his side, makes friends with him and takes him to his house. Laddu babu meets Madhuri, Murthy’s mother who though initially reluctant, but yielding to Murthy’s pressure doesn’t mind having Laddu babu stay with them. Laddu babu’s fortune suddenly turns around and Maya comes into his life in style. But what he did not know was that Maya had a fight with her handsome boyfriend and wanted to show him that she could actually settle for a very ugly guy. Laddu babu who did not know any of this, blissfully courts Maya.

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