Maanaadu 2021 movie reviews


Abdul Khaliq is an NRI on his way to Coimbatore to help his friend Eswaramoorthy elope with his lover Zarina Begum on the day of her marriage with the help of his other friend Syed Bhasha. He makes an acquaintance with a chatty Seethalakshmi during the flight.

He gets her to join him after its revealed she is also on the way to Zarina’s marriage. They elope and escape from the bride’s family’s pursuit. On the way to the registrar’s office, an unknown man suddenly falls on their car. The man is revealed to have been pursued by the police headed by Inspector John.

They are subsequently interned extrajudicially on the orders of DCP Dhanushkodi. Khaliq is then forced by the DCP and John to attend a scheduled political gathering with chief minister Arivazhagan present and is instructed to shoot Arivazhagan with a pistol else his friends would die, Khaliq reluctantly shoots Arivazhagan, who dies. John shoots Khaliq dead in the enduring chaos.

Khaliq awakens only to find himself in the mid-flight where he was on the start of that day and proceeds to relive all the distinct incidents of that morning. After attempting to help Eswaramoorthy elope again he finds himself in the same spot where the police had previously accosted him. Khaliq is shocked to find Rafiq, the unknown man from his previous experience enter his car attempting to flee the police. The police catch up to them and Khaliq is shot dead by Dhanushkodi this time. Khaliq finds himself mid-flight once again, failing to realize he is looping in time. He attempts to take a different path and prevent interacting with the police but he eventually dies at the hands of an angry Zarina’s brother Mansoor. He wakes up mid-flight once again and finally realizes he is trapped in a time loop.

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