Me Time 2022 hollywood movies review

Me Time, directed and written by John Hamburg (Meet the Parents), pairs Hollywood powerhouses Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in a chemistry-free friendship full of slapstick comedy and high jinks. Hamburg is known for his comedic work. The same goes for Hart and Wahlberg, but the three combined created something full of hot air. Regina Hall also stars in the film and is relegated to the background as the nagging significant other. It’s actually impressive how unfunny this film is and that one must sit through every painful moment until the credits roll.

The movie, which debuts on Netflix on Friday, opens with Sonny Fisher (Hart) and Huck Dembo (Wahlberg) celebrating the latter’s 29th birthday in Moab, Utah. As expected, something wacky happens to Sonny, thus setting the tone for their friendship. Fast forward 15 years later, and Sonny is now a househusband who cooks, cleans and is president of the PTA. His wife, Maya (Hall), works as an architect and is the family’s breadwinner. Huck is having another birthday gathering as he turns 44 and still hangs with people in their 20s. Sonny doesn’t want to go because he is a family man now. However, everyone around him sees that he needs a break because he doesn’t have a life outside his family.

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