No Strings Attached 2011 hollywood movie reviews


After first meeting at a summer camp as teenagers, Emma Kurtzman and Adam Franklin run into each other a few times as young adults but never keep in touch. Emma is a doctor in Los Angeles, and Adam is a production assistant for a musical television show. Soon, Adam finds out that his father Alvin, the well-known star of a former hit television comedy series, has begun a romance with his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa. Devastated, he gets drunk and calls all his female contacts to hook up. The next morning, he wakes up on Emma’s couch, encountering Emma’s friends and colleagues who tease him and tell him that he was crying and passed out naked on the couch. She leads him to her room to find his pants, and they have sex.

The two have sex again at Adam’s house. Before she leaves, they agree to engage in a “no strings attached” relationship, where they just have sex. Soon, Adam finds himself getting jealous of Emma’s co-worker Sam, and being an emotional person, he doubles his romantic attempts towards Emma. She feels awkward and thus ends their arrangement, only to end up missing him. She drunkenly crashes at his place, and they sleep together again.

On Adam’s birthday, his father tells him he wishes to have children with Vanessa. Disgusted, Adam walks out, and Emma defends him. He asks her for one single date on Valentine’s Day, and it seems perfect till she awkwardly tells him she will not engage in an emotional relationship. They agree to not see each other.

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