Perfect Addiction 2023 movies review

Seeing an Asian male lead play a powerful, seductive, macho, and romantic role was incredibly delightful. Very uncommon and great. The chemistry Ross Butler and Kiana Madiera share makes it easy to sell both the romance and the mixed martial arts (MMA) training.

Sienna is an MMA coach who works out of the gym owned by Julian, a well-known former MMA fighter who serves as Sienna’s surrogate father. She attends classes while working with clients to earn a business degree so she can eventually partner with Julian in the gym. When she learns that Jax, their greatest client and lover, is having an affair with her young sister Beth, everything seems to be going according to plan. Her acquaintance, who is in desperate need of a cheap somewhere to stay, directs her to Kayden and a room in a basement apartment.






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