Qarib Qarib Singlle 2017 movie reviews


Jaya Shashidharan is a 35-year-old widow leading a loveless, monotonous life, still grieving the loss of her husband Manav. She works in an insurance firm. On being needled constantly by her friends and family, she enrolls herself on a dating website, “”. Although she initially receives weird messages, she eventually fixes a date with a decent profile holder Yogi.

She meets Yogendra “Yogi” Kumar Devendra Nath Prajapati, a lesser known poet and a happy-go-lucky, open-hearted and talkative person who is actually quite wary of the internet. His published book of poems hasn’t sold that well. Yogi helps Jaya get rid of the weird message senders on the dating site. Although initially Jaya wanted to avoid Yogi, she now agrees to meet him again. During their conversation he tells her about his past 3 girlfriends who still yearn for him.

Jaya challenges him to meet them to find out whether that is in fact the truth. Yogi asks Jaya if she will accompany him on this quest. She reluctantly accepts, ready to pose as his ‘cousin’ if someone asks. Jaya informs everyone that she is going out of town for work purposes. She tells her brother Ashish, who is studying at Princeton University that she has enrolled for a meditation camp where the people have to take a vow of silence for the duration of their stay and hence will be offline for the period.

They head to Dehradun first. Yogi misses the flight, frightening Jaya. He meets her eventually at the airport and they commence their journey. On the way he asks for some water but she refuses saying she doesn’t share her bottle.

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