Qismat 2018 movie reviews


The film begins when the main actor, Shivjit, asks his parents to send him off Chandigarh to go to college. He had already failed twice in obtaining his bachelor’s degree. So Shivjit decides to make a pact with his parents that if he moves to the city, he will pass his exams. Shivjit’s father is reluctant in sending his son to college and introduces the idea of marrying him off. However, his aunt agrees to Shivjit’s plan and lets him move to the city. Once he reaches Chandigarh, he immediately begins his search for a casual relationship. He quickly encounters Bani who had caught his attention in front of his new apartment building.

Bani is a beautiful young woman who is already in a relationship. Bani goes to visit her boyfriend in his apartment with food. She looks into her boyfriend bedroom and realizes that her boyfriend’s cheating on her with a random woman in his bed. To make her ex-boyfriend jealous and teach him a lesson, Bani asks for Shivjit’s help in posing as her fake boyfriend. As they continue their fake relationship, Shivjit and Bani start getting close and a start developing feelings for one another.

Heartbroken and ashamed from her past relationship experiences Bani suggests to her father that she will get an arranged marriage to whomever he prefers. This doesn’t sit well with Shivjit, and he sends a letter to Bani. He writes that she should marry someone she prefers and not a random stranger that her father picked. However, the letter ends up in her father’s hands, who is an SHO at the local police station. Her father gets angry upon receiving the letter and warns Shivjit to stay away from his daughter Bani and leave their neighbourhood.

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