Rangbaaz 2022 Season 3 review

Taking inspiration from real-life events from the politics of Bihar in the later 70s and throughout 80s and the ‘Chara Ghotala Scam’, Rangbaaz Season 3 weaves a tale of power, deceit and everything that falls between the two. A man from the minority rises but not that he is the one you should completely empathise with. There is darkness in him but so is in everyone involved. The politics even let the light live? Watch for yourself.

The politics of Northern India is for the lack of a better word Brutal. And it has forever been the same. Over the decades of free India, it has seen the harshest form of life and there are no two ways about it. Over the past three years in the course of lockdown and a tsunami of digital content, we have seen stories about the same and in the most nerve-wracking manner sometimes. Rangbaaz Season 2 finds itself in the same pool but also manages to find its sweet spot where it can survive without going to the darkest of the dark. And it works.

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